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UTSA Blackboard is an essential online learning platform used by students and faculty at the University of Texas at San Antonio. With Blackboard, users can access course materials, submit assignments, view grades, participate in online discussions, and more.

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This comprehensive guide will walk through the Blackboard login process, account registration, password reset, mobile access, and frequently asked questions about accessing UTSA’s Blackboard system.

What is UTSA Blackboard?

UTSA Blackboard is the university’s branded online learning management system (LMS). It is powered by Blackboard Learn software. UTSA has been utilizing Blackboard Learn since 1997 to provide a virtual learning environment for its students. All enrolled UTSA students have access to Blackboard for the courses they are registered for.

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UTSA Blackboard allows instructors to deliver course content, host online discussions/collaboration, collect assignments digitally, post grades, communicate announcements, and more.

UTSA Blackboard

Students can log in to access all materials for each course, submit assignments, check grades, interact with classmates, and reach out to instructors.

Benefits of UTSA Blackboard

Here are some of the key benefits UTSA students gain through the university’s Blackboard system:

UTSA Blackboard Benefits
  • Access course materials 24/7 – View syllabus, assignments, lectures, readings, multimedia, and more anytime, anywhere.
  • Submit assignments online – Electronically turn in assignments from any device. No need to physically print and turn in.
  • Check grades conveniently – Students can view marks and instructor feedback for assessments within UTSA Blackboard.
  • Communicate with classmates – Collaborate through online discussion boards and messaging.
  • Stay organized – Keep all courses integrated in one platform with calendar reminders and announcements.
  • Mobile access – UTSA Blackboard Mobile Learn app allows access on smartphones and tablets.
  • Accessibility – UTSA Blackboard Learn is compliant with accessibility standards to support diverse learning.
Product NameBlackboard Learn
VersionSaaS (Software as a Service)
Managed ByUTSA Information Technology
Launch Date1997
Current VersionUltra Base Navigation
User Accounts130,000+ students, faculty & staff
Courses Per Term5,000+
Mobile AppBlackboard Mobile Learn
Access URLhttps://blackboard.utsa.edu
Support TeamUTSA Help Desk
Email Support[email protected]
Training ResourcesBlackboard Help Site, Instructor Workshops
Service Statusblackboardstatus.utsa.edu
AccessibilityCompliant with Section 508 standards

UTSA Blackboard Features

UTSA Blackboard Learn offers a robust set of features and tools instructors can utilize to create engaging online learning experiences. Key features include:

  • Content Delivery – Instructors can share materials in a variety of formats including text, documents, images, audio, video and external links.
  • Assignments – Assess students through assignments and tests. Automatically graded tests or manually graded essays and projects.
  • Discussions – Interactive discussion forums promote student collaboration through threaded posts.
  • Grading – Enter grades directly into the gradebook. Students can view grades and feedback.
  • Communication – Bulk email students, post announcements, and send reminders from within UTSA Blackboard.
  • Collaboration – Virtual spaces for group work through blogs, wikis, journals and group pages. 
  • Multimedia – Embed media recordings and live sessions directly into course.

UTSA Blackboard Account Registration 

All students enrolled at UTSA are automatically provisioned Blackboard accounts. Here is how student accounts are created:

  • Accounts are generated each semester during the first week of classes based on official registration records.
  • Student usernames are automatically set as: firstname.lastname (e.g. john.doe) 
  • The initial password is automatically set as the student’s 6-digit birth date (MMDDYY).
  • Accounts are enabled for all courses the student is registered for that term.
  • Students will see the courses they are enrolled in appear on their UTSA Blackboard home page after logging in. No further action is needed.

New students or those who’ve never logged into UTSA Blackboard before should use these steps for first-time login:

  1. Go to https://blackboard.utsa.edu
  2. Enter your username (firstname.lastname) 
  3. Enter your default password (6-digit DOB)
  4. You will be prompted to change your password on first login. 

Once logged in, you will see a dashboard with your registered courses for that term. Verify you can access all course sites successfully.

UTSA Blackboard Login Process

Follow these steps each time you need to log into UTSA’s Blackboard system after completing initial registration and setup:

UTSA Blackboard Login
  1. Go to the UTSA Blackboard login page at utsa.blackboard.com
  2. Enter your UTSA username in the format: firstname.lastname
  3. Enter the password you created when you first logged in and change the default temporary password. 
  4. Click Login.
  5. On the next screen, you will be prompted for two-factor authentication through Duo. Choose to authenticate via Push notification, Passcode, Phone call or another method you have set up with Duo.
  6. After successfully authenticating with Duo, you will be logged into UTSA Blackboard and taken to your course dashboard.

Note that your UTSA email credentials are different and will not work on Blackboard. Always use your Blackboard username and password. If you have trouble logging in, use the reset password link or contact the UTSA Help Desk.

UTSA Blackboard Reset Password Process

If you forget your UTSA Blackboard password, you can easily reset it using these steps:

UTSA Blackboard Reset Passphrase
  1. Click “Forgot your password?” on the Blackboard login page.
  2. Enter your UTSA username and click Submit.
  3. Select how you want to reset your password:
  • Text a reset link to your phone
  • Email a reset link to your UTSA student email
  • Answer security questions to reset instantly

Follow the prompts to reset your password successfully and log back in with your new password.

You can also reset your password anytime when logged into UTSA Blackboard under the ‘Tools’ section. Just click Personal Information and select Change Password.

How to Recover Your myUTSA ID

Your myUTSA ID is the unique 9-digit number provided to all students, faculty and staff at UTSA. This ID number is different from your Blackboard username. Follow these steps if you need to look up your myUTSA ID:

Recover myUTSA ID
  1. Log into ASAP at utsa.blackboard.com using your UTSA credentials 
  2. Click on the ‘Student Services’ tab
  3. Click ‘View myUTSA ID’ under Personal Information
  4. Your 9-digit myUTSA ID number will be displayed

You can also find your myUTSA ID printed on your physical Roadrunner ID Card. Contact the UTSA Help Desk if you need further assistance retrieving this ID number.

UTSA Blackboard Mobile App

For on-the-go access to Blackboard, download the mobile app. UTSA Blackboard Mobile Learn is available for free on both iOS and Android devices. 

Key features of the mobile Blackboard app include:

UTSA Blackboard Mobile App
  • View course content including materials, assignments, assessments
  • Submit assignments and quizzes/tests
  • Check grades and instructor feedback
  • Post to discussions and interact with peers
  • Receive push notifications for announcements, due dates, etc.
  • View the calendar with course activities and deadlines
  • Access Blackboard Collaborate virtual sessions
  • Limited editing of Blackboard content

The app provides great flexibility for students to participate in their courses while away from their computers.

How to Login to the UTSA Blackboard Mobile App

Logging into the mobile app follows the same process as the full web version:

  1. Download and open the UTSA Blackboard Mobile Learn app
  2. Enter Official Website as the Institution URL when prompted
  3. Enter your UTSA username and password
  4. Complete Duo two-factor authentication
  5. You will now be logged into the app and can navigate to your courses

Use the same Blackboard credentials you would on a desktop. If prompted, choose UTSA as the institution. You can remain logged into the app on your mobile device for convenience.

UTSA Blackboard Enrollment for a Course

If you have registered and paid for a course but don’t see it in your Blackboard dashboard, you may not yet be enrolled. Here are some tips:

UTSA Blackboard enrollment for a course
  • Wait several days into the new semester for all enrollments to fully update.
  • Check that the course is not set as ‘unavailable’ until the instructor makes it visible.
  • Contact the instructor directly and ask to be manually enrolled.
  • Verify that you are registered for the course officially through ASAP.
  • Request to be enrolled by contacting the UTSA Help Desk.

Instructors have full control over course enrollments and availability in Blackboard. Once successfully enrolled, the course will appear in your list of courses for that term.

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UTSA Blackboard Dashboard Overview

Your UTSA Blackboard dashboard provides a customizable overview of your courses and activity. Key elements include:

  • Courses Module – Lists all current semester courses you are enrolled in. Quickly access each.
  • To Do Module – Outstanding tasks and unread posts across your courses.
  • Announcements Module – Important alerts posted by your instructors.
  • Calendar Module – Key course dates, assignments, assessments, and deadlines.
  • Global Navigation Menu – Switch between courses, view grades, access tools, and user settings.

You can reorder, resize or hide modules and add new ones like bookmarks or alerts to customize your dashboard. The dashboard is always accessible no matter where you navigate in UTSA Blackboard.

UTSA Blackboard Online Teaching & Learning Platforms

In addition to the main Blackboard Learn system, UTSA instructors can enable these additional online teaching and learning platforms:

  • UTSA Blackboard Collaborate – Real-time virtual class sessions with video, audio, and screen sharing capabilities.
  • UTSA Blackboard Ally – Accessibility tool that converts course files into alternative, accessible formats. It also provides instructor feedback on the accessibility of uploaded files.
  • SafeAssign – Plagiarism prevention service that checks student work against a database of sources. Helps educate students about proper citations and referencing.

These platforms seamlessly integrate with Blackboard Learn to enhance teaching and make content delivery more accessible and engaging.

UTSA Blackboard Collaborate Login

For courses using Blackboard Collaborate for live video sessions:

UTSA Blackboard Collaborate
  1. Log into Blackboard Learn first at https://sso.it.utsa.edu/.
  2. Navigate to the course with the Collaborate session
  3. Locate the link to join the Collaborate room – may be in menu, content area or module 
  4. Click the link to open a new tab and join the Collaborate room
  5. Enable your camera and microphone when prompted

UTSA Blackboard Collaborate allows virtual office hours, lectures, discussions and more. Sessions may also be recorded.

BB Collaborate Login Steps 

Here is a quick summary of the steps to directly join a Blackboard Collaborate session from your course:

  1. Login to UTSA Blackboard Learn 
  2. Go to Course Site
  3. Locate Collaborate Link 
  4. Click Link to Open Room 
  5. Allow Media Access
  6. Join Session & Participate

Make sure to test your camera, mic and speakers prior to joining. Collaborate brings live engagement and collaboration to online learning.

UTSA Blackboard Helpline Details

If you need assistance with Blackboard access, navigation or technical issues, contact the UTSA Help Desk:

UTSA Blackboard Support

Phone: 210-458-5555

Email: [email protected] 

Or submit a help request form online at:


The Help Desk is available Mon-Friday 8am – 5pm. Provide your UTSA ID when contacting for support.

Additionally, the UTSA Tech Cafe in the JPL offers in-person student tech support for Blackboard and other services.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact my professor through Blackboard?

Click the ‘Send Email’ link below the course menu on the left to send a message to the instructor.

Can I access Blackboard on my phone? 

Yes, download the free Blackboard Mobile Learn app to access courses on iOS or Android devices.

I’m trying to submit an assignment but Blackboard isn’t working. What should I do?

First, try logging out and logging back in or clearing your browser cache. Check for system alerts at utsa.edu/blackboard. If the issue persists, contact your instructor to explain the technical issue right away.

Where can I get help if I’m having issues with Blackboard?

Contact the UTSA Help Desk by phone, email or online. You can also visit the Tech Cafe in the JPL or reach out to your instructor.


UTSA’s Blackboard Learn system enables robust online learning for Roadrunner students and faculty. Following this guide’s tips for logging in, navigating the interface, accessing mobile features and getting technical support will ensure you get the most out of Blackboard. Mastering this essential learning platform will help you succeed in all your online and blended UTSA courses.

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