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The University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) utilizes Blackboard Learn as its centrally supported learning management system (LMS). All enrolled students have access to the tailored UTSA Blackboard environment to enhance their educational experience. This powerful e-learning platform provides a wide range of benefits that support teaching and learning.


UTSA Blackboard Learn incorporates numerous features that increase accessibility for all users:

  • Compatible with screen readers for visually impaired students
  • Transcripts or closed captioning for videos
  • Content can be zoomed in and out
  • Courses can be downloaded for offline access
  • Compliant with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines

Instructors also have tools to ensure documents, presentations, images and other files meet accessibility standards. Overall, Blackboard’s compliance with accessibility requirements creates an inclusive online learning environment.


Blackboard facilitates constant, streamlined communication between instructors and students:

  • Announcement tool allows instructors to post broadcast messages to the class
  • Discussion forums enable ongoing conversations and peer interaction
  • Email system within Blackboard provides private 1-to-1 messages
  • Chat function allows real-time communication and collaboration

This robust set of communication channels ensures learners stay connected and engaged with their courses and classmates.


From distributing the course syllabus to posting weekly reading materials, UTSA Blackboard keeps both teachers and learners organized:

  • Course content is centralized in each course site
  • Documents like PowerPoints or PDFs are easily shared
  • Assignments and tests have defined due dates
  • Calendar shows tasks and deadlines
  • Automatic reminders for upcoming activities

With everything in one place, students can stay on track more easily.

Submission & Grading

No more printing and handing in papers or missed assignments. With Blackboard:

  • Students submit assignments digitally from any device
  • Turnitin integration checks work for plagiarism
  • Instructors can annotate and grade work directly online
  • Grades automatically entered into online gradebook
  • Students can view grades and feedback in real-time

The ease and efficiency of electronic submission and grading is a huge advantage of Blackboard.


Instructors can embed rich multimedia content seamlessly within courses for engaging learning:

  • Upload video and audio files
  • Include YouTube, TED talks, Vimeo and other streaming media
  • Add images, gifs and visual elements
  • Embed interactive simulations or games
  • Share presentations like PowerPoint or Google Slides

Media-integrated course content leverages visual and auditory learning styles.

Mobile Access

UTSA’s mobile-friendly Blackboard platform enables learning on the go through the Blackboard Student mobile app available for iOS and Android. Students can:

UTSA Blackboard Mobile App
  • View course materials, tests, assignments
  • Participate in discussions
  • Submit assignments and quizzes
  • Check grades and feedback
  • Receive push notifications
  • Join live Collaborate sessions
  • Download content for offline access

This mobile access makes learning possible anywhere with cell service or WiFi.


Blackboard provides tools for students to collaborate:

  • Group assignments allow teamwork
  • Discussion boards facilitate peer interaction
  • Collaborate virtual classroom enables real-time collaboration
  • Blogs and journals allow reflective writing visible to classmates
  • Wikis help co-create and edit group content

Developing collaboration skills prepares students for 21st century careers requiring teamwork.


Data and analytics provide insights into student engagement and performance:

  • Instructors see detailed activity reports for content and assessments
  • Discussions are analyzed for quantity and quality
  • Grades give feedback on comprehension
  • Course logs show access frequency and duration

These insights guide instructors to adapt their teaching and support students successfully.

As an established, reliable learning management system, UTSA’s tailored Blackboard platform provides significant benefits for enhancing teaching and empowering learning across disciplines. Both students and faculty reap the rewards of its capabilities.

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