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At the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA), all students are assigned a unique 9-digit number known as their myUTSA ID. This identifier is different from your UTSA username and is important to keep note of. Here’s a guide on what the myUTSA ID is used for and how to retrieve it if you’ve forgotten or lost track of your number.

What is the myUTSA ID?

The myUTSA ID is a 9-digit numerical identifier assigned to all students, faculty and staff members at UTSA. Here are some key facts about it:

  • Uniquely identifies each individual – no two people have the same ID
  • Begins with 800, 801 or 802 for students
  • Remains the same throughout your time at UTSA
  • Used across multiple university systems for identification
  • Printed on the back of your physical UTSA ID card
  • Different from your alphanumeric Blackboard or email username

This ID stays with you for life and is crucial for accessing many university services.

Why is the myUTSA ID Important?

While you mainly use your UTSA username to log into online accounts, the myUTSA ID still serves many important functions:

  • Looking up your academic records in ASAP
  • Registering for parking permits
  • Accessing campus labs and facilities
  • Setting up direct deposit for refunds
  • Interacting with the Bursar’s office
  • Requesting transcripts or enrollment verification

The unique 9-digit ID provides an added layer of security and identification for many administrative and academic processes at UTSA.

How to Look Up Your myUTSA ID

If you have forgotten or lost your myUTSA ID number, you have a few options to retrieve it:

  • Locate a past printed document like your course schedule, transcript or ID card where it is listed.
  • Log into ASAP at and view your Student Profile. The ID displays at the top.
  • Visit the Campus Services ID Office in the JPL and request to look up your number with photo ID.
  • Call the Campus Services ID Office at 210-458-4444 for assistance retrieving your number.

Ideally, record your 9-digit myUTSA ID somewhere secure so you always have it handy when needed.

Resetting a Forgotten myUTSA ID

If you’ve exhausted all options and absolutely cannot retrieve your original myUTSA ID anywhere:

Recover myUTSA ID
  • Visit the Registrar’s Office in person to verify your identity and request a reset.
  • Contact the Registrar’s Office by phone or email and explain you need your ID reset with confirmation details.

Resetting your myUTSA ID should be a last resort. Try every method possible to locate your original number first before starting over.

Keeping track of your unique myUTSA ID is essential for seamless access and identification across UTSA’s systems. Follow the tips in this article to ensure you know how to recover this important nine-digit number whenever necessary.

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