Many students at the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) use the online Blackboard system to access course materials, submit assignments, take tests, and more. Here are some frequently asked questions about logging into UTSA Blackboard:

How do I log into UTSA Blackboard?

To log into Blackboard, go to https://blackboard.utsa.edu/. Enter your UTSA username and password and click “Login.” Your UTSA username is the same as your UTSA email address before the @ symbol.

I forgot my UTSA Blackboard username/password. What should I do?

If you’ve forgotten your UTSA username or password, go to https://password.utsa.edu to reset it. You’ll need to provide your UTSA ID number and be able to verify some personal details. If you’re still having trouble, contact the UTSA Help Desk at 210-458-5555 for assistance.

Do I need to log into UTSA Blackboard using Duo?

Yes, UTSA requires two-factor authentication through Duo to log into Blackboard. After entering your UTSA username and password, you’ll be prompted to verify your identity through Duo by approving a push notification, entering a passcode, or using another method you’ve set up. This provides an extra layer of security.

I’m logged in but still can’t access my UTSA Blackboard courses. Help!

If you’re logged into Blackboard but don’t see your courses, make sure you’re in the right term. Click the term name at the top right (e.g. Fall 2022) and select the current academic term. Also ensure all your courses are published and available – check with your instructor if you still can’t access a course.

How do I log out of UTSA Blackboard when I’m done?

Click your name at the top right corner of any Blackboard page, then select “Logout.” Make sure to log out when you’re finished to prevent others from accessing your account. It’s also a good idea to close the browser window altogether after logging out.

How do I access my student email on UTSA Blackboard?

Your UTSA student email and Blackboard account are separate systems. To access your student email, go to https://mail.utsa.edu and log in with your UTSA username and password. You cannot access your student email directly through Blackboard.

Why can’t I log into my UTSA Blackboard app?

If you’re having trouble logging into the UTSA Blackboard mobile app, first make sure you have the latest version installed. Also try deleting and reinstalling the app, logging out and back in, and double checking that your username and password are correct. Restarting your mobile device can help too.

Why is my UTSA Blackboard app not working?

Some common reasons the UTSA Blackboard mobile app may not be working correctly include an outdated version of the app, needing to clear the app’s cache/data, device compatibility issues, or a temporary outage. Updating the app, rebooting your device, reinstalling the app, or trying again later often resolves many issues.

How many times can you fail a class on UTSA Blackboard?

UTSA does not have a specific limit on how many times you can fail or repeat a class on Blackboard. However, if your cumulative GPA drops below a 2.0, you may be placed on academic probation or suspension. It’s best to speak to your academic advisor if you are struggling to pass a class.

Can you see students on UTSA Blackboard?

Instructors can see which students are enrolled in their Blackboard courses and track student activity such as when they access course materials, submit assignments, and more. However, they cannot actively monitor you or see your screen through Blackboard. Only your activity within the Blackboard system is visible to them.

If you have further questions about using Blackboard at UTSA, there are a few options:

  • Contact the UTSA Blackbord Help Desk at 210-458-5555 or [email protected]
  • Visit the Blackboard help site at https://utsa.teamdynamix.com/TDClient/1940/Portal/KB/
  • Check if your course instructor has provided support resources or contact them directly
  • Visit the UTSA Tech Cafe in the JPL for in-person student tech support

I hope these tips help you successfully log into and use Blackboard at UTSA! Let me know if you need any clarification or have additional questions.

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