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UTSA Blackboard Learn is the official online learning management system utilized at the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA). All enrolled students are automatically granted access to Blackboard each semester to participate in their courses blended with online components. This guide will explain the registration process that provides access to UTSA’s customized Blackboard environment.

Automated Account Creation

UTSA handles the creation of Blackboard accounts through an automated process that runs each term:

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  • At the beginning of each semester, the system cross-references official course registration records.
  • Accounts are automatically generated for all students signed up for the term based on these enrollment data.
  • Usernames are set to first and last names separated by a period (e.g. john.doe).
  • A default password consisting of the student’s 6-digit date of birth is assigned.
  • Course enrollments in Blackboard are also automated based on registration.

This behind-the-scenes process enables a seamless course management experience without students having to manually create accounts.

First Time Login

With automated account generation, students simply need to log into Blackboard for the first time using these steps:

  1. Go to the UTSA Blackboard website:
  2. Enter your unique username in firstname.lastname format
  3. Enter the default password as your 6-digit birth date (MMDDYY)
  4. Read and accept the user agreement.
  5. You will immediately be prompted to change your password upon first login for security.
  6. Choose a new strong password you will remember. This replaces the temporary placeholder password.

Once your password is updated, you will be able to view and access all enrolled courses.

Resetting Forgotten Passwords

If you forget your password at any time after first login, use the “Forgot Password” link on the Blackboard login page to reset it. You will be emailed a verification code or asked security questions to confirm your identity and allow resetting the password. Contact the IT Help Desk if you encounter issues.

Enabling Single Sign-On (SSO)

For added convenience, you can enable single sign-on to access Blackboard using your myUTSA login credentials:

  1. In Blackboard, go to Settings > Personal Information > Login Information
  2. Check the “Enable Single Sign-On” box
  3. Enter your myUTSA username and password when prompted

Now you can log into Blackboard directly using your main university credentials rather than a separate Blackboard-specific username and password.

The automated account setup makes accessing Blackboard at UTSA a seamless process. Simply login with the provided credentials and customize your account settings for an optimal learning experience online. Contact technical support with any access issues.

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